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If your business needs a consistent brand identity or awesome website, you came to the right place! I'm a graphic designer focused on branding and editorial design. I also have experience in web design and urban space signage​​​​​​ projects. I have been collaborating with advertising agencies, publishing houses as well as individual clients since 2006. Stay a moment, explore my work and let's talk about your project.

Menu Motto
branding, naming, wayfinding
Chateau Napareuli
4 kąty na trójkącie
Print Design, Editorial Design
Fortunize Recruitment
Around the Vodka Factory
exhibition identity, architecture
PAI Real Estate Group
Ruska 46 - space for culture
wayfinding, branding
branding, architecture
Hala Stulecia Unesco
editorial design, architecture
Logofolio .02
selected logos 2016-2018
Walter Arns
exhibition identity, editorial design
Mosaic of Nadodrze
urban space, architecture
branding, real estate
Fanaberia Atelier
Nove Mysiadło
branding, real estate
Beata Śniechowska
branding, gastronomy
Klimaty Nadodrza
editorial design
Villa Prestige Kabaty
Graphic Design, Branding, Typography
Nove Stare Włochy
Graphic Design, Branding, Typography
Szczech Logistic
Branding, Graphic Design
PIXEL magazine
Branding, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Virnik Rally Team
Branding, Graphic Design
Logofolio .01
Branding, Graphic Design
Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Living and Work Space
web design, web development, RWD
WPT wayfinding system
Architecture, Engineering, Graphic Design
Widexpress 2013
Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Annual Report 2010
Editing, Editorial Design, Print Design
Branding, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Manufaktura Przemian
Branding, Graphic Design
Vienna Development
Print Design, Advertising
trzypunkty studio
graphic design, web design, web development, RWD
Röben Polska
Graphic Design, Web Design
Almi Decor
Graphic Design, Editorial Design
UI/UX, Web Design, Web Development
E+H calendar 2015
Graphic Design, Print Design
Mikroświaty Macierzyństwa
Graphic Design
Stalwart Manacus
Web Design
Advertising, Branding, Editorial Design
Editorial Design
Celebrate Life
Editorial Design, Print Design
Wrocław Regional Development Agency
Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Widex Polska
Editorial Design
Grupa BPS
Advertising, Graphic Design
Lesaffre Polska
Graphic Design
Orun Capoeira
Branding, Graphic Design, Photography
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