How to improve the quality of the residential environment? How to involve residents in activities for their neighbourhoods? What to pay attention to when renovating a tenement house? An attempt to answer these questions is a series of 9 publications summarizing the project "4 corners in a triangle"*, carried out as part of the national competition "Model Revitalization of Cities". Activities under the project concerned one of the areas of revitalization in Wrocław - the Oławskie district. This housing district is located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre and is characterized by nineteenth-century blocks with representative public spaces, beautifully decorated tenement houses and extensive courtyards. The main concern of the project was to improve the quality of housing, with particular emphasis on aspects such as innovative housing models, the preservation of cultural heritage, the adaptation of buildings and infrastructure to today's expectations, creation of conditions for social, cultural and economic activation, development of the housing environment, inclusion of as many participants as possible in the revitalisation process and implementation of effective methods for managing the revitalisation process. The publications contain proposals of solutions which can be used in other housing estates, districts or cities struggling with similar problems.

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