The idea behind the project was to create a colorful "trace" in a place especially dedicated to residents - on one of the walls of the neighboring social garden. Under the care of the ceramist artists from Nadodrze, workshops were held, in which each participant could - individually or in a team - design and create their own, unique tile. My task was to create an idea how to arrange 430 ceramic tiles on the wall. This is how the heart of Nadodrza came about. The color palette of the mosaic has been selected manually, tile by tile...
concept & graphic design: Artur Busz for Wrocławska Rewitalizacja
team: Grażyna Adamczyk-Arns, Justyna Dudek, Piotr Górka, Emilia Grotowska, Hanna Gurzęda, Joanna Sikorska
years: 2015 - 2016
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